Biomedical Engineering Department

Bio-Medical Engineering represents an interrelated link between Engineering & Medical Sciences through the application of engineering principles and techniques in the medical terrain. Engineering indeed is highly required in designing many medical devices or other health demands. Accordingly, an engineer equipped with specific medical skills has become a necessity nowadays.
Bio-Medical Engineering Department is committed to become a global leader in its field. As a matter of fact, all academics in the Department with their students as well as other employees constitute essential and dynamic components of the team that strives to provide distinctive and creative interdisciplinary solutions to bio-medical research and design problems. Graduates, as part of the Department’s vision, shall be the future leaders in the field of Bio-Medical Engineering.
Bio-Medical Engineering Department is obliged to provide the community with graduates who are technically competent and qualified to use their knowledge and skills in traditional and modern application domains. Those graduates are assumed to possess a broad education and knowledge of contemporary issues, with which they could anticipate changes and constantly update their skills. In addition, they shall have the ability to effectively, professionally and morally communicate and work with others as bio-medical engineers in a globally integrated society.
Bio-Medical Engineering Department aims within its comprehensive strategy to achieve both educational as well as research objectives. It is quite necessary to monitor progress towards achieving these objectives, and constantly reviewing, revising and adapting the various elements of the general plan so as to meet the changeable requirements. These objectives can be summarized as follows:
Research Objectives:
1- Be an acknowledged leader in academic biomedical engineering research.
2- To serve as a focal center for collaborative biomedical engineering research in the Iraq through our consortium with the other private and governmental medical centers.

A. Educational Objectives
1. Encouraging academics as well as their students to organize seminars in the field of bio-medical engineering.
2. Creating an environment where academics of different qualifications can effectively interact.
3. Students shall have an understanding of biology and physiology along with the capability to apply advanced mathematics, engineering and integrated methods of modeling to the solution of interdisciplinary problems at the interface of engineering and biological sciences.
4. Providing the foundation for a successful career in the graduate’s field of choice, including industry, medicine, and biomedical research.
5. Producing future leaders of academia, industry and medicine.

B. Research Objectives
1. The teaching staff members are assumed to be or become acknowledged research leaders in the field of biomedical engineering.
2. Serving as a Center for Bio-Medical Engineering Research interacting and collaborating with other medical institutions in Iraq.