Anesthesia Techniques Department

The Department of Anesthesia Techniques was established in the academic year 2018/2019 pursuant to the administrative order issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (T/A/Q/17778) on 10/16/2018 as a department of the College of Health and Medical Technologies at Future University. It is one of the modern departments that aims to graduate specialized cadres to work in the field of anesthesia and intensive care techniques in operating theaters as well as in intensive care and recovery units, where the graduate is given the title (medical technician / anesthesia specialty). The duration of study in this specialization is four academic years. During which the student completes a total of one hundred and seventy-six academic units (176 units), over four full academic years.
The department aspires to be a pioneer in the field of technical education at the Iraqi level, locally and globally, and in the academic and vocational fields. Its outputs should be distinguished theoretically and practically by providing the best cognitive programs in the field of anesthesia. The department's vision stems from the actual need in the health field for anesthesia staff to fill the need for this vital specialty, and to achieve the required efficiency and balance between surgeons and anesthetists.
Providing the department with the latest scientific technologies, participating with the department’s teaching staff in international scientific conferences, and opening postgraduate studies in the department’s subspecialties to serve the needs of society. The department aims to prepare a distinguished quality of graduates at a high level who have an academic background and are equipped with the basic skills necessary to enable them to meet the needs of society. The department is also keen to support the mental excellence of students while adhering to preserving the professional ethics and values of those in the health professions and focusing on developing individual skills and experiences to ensure achievement. Better career future

Preparing scientifically qualified cadres to be distinguished members of the health care team in various hospitals. The department is also committed to graduating trained anesthesia technology specialists to assist anesthesiologists in providing safe, high-quality care for the surgical patient.

1- Graduation of scientific cadres in the specialty.
2- The student is able to contribute to resuscitation and intervention cases as necessary.
3- The student learns the skills required to deal with different cases in anesthesia and intensive care
4- The student learned how to prepare the medications and solutions required for anesthesia
5- Enabling students to obtain knowledge, intellectual understanding, and skills to identify anesthesia devices and methods of maintaining them.
6- Training the student to anesthetize the patient under the supervision of the anesthesiologist