Medical Instrumentation Techniques Engineering Department

The Medical Devices Engineering Department at Al Mustaqbal University College was established during the academic year 2020 – 2021.

The Department Vision focuses on preparing graduates who are qualified scientifically and skillfully in the field of Medical Devices Technology, keeping pace with the corresponding departments of other International Universities. Thus, the Department shall provide services to the local community through the processes of adopting modern study programs as well as creating an advanced academic environment.
The student at each study year learns certain curricula, and acquiring the skills related to different scientific and practical areas, which clarify and confirm the vitality of this major.
The Department Objectives can be summarized as follows:

1. Graduating an engineering cadre equipped with skills that enable them to diagnose and repair any malfunctions that may occur to medical devices.
2. Preparing qualified engineers who could develop and modernize medicinal equipment, and thus keeping pace with the rapid developments in the field of medical devices.
3. Graduates shall have the skills of installing and operating electronic as well as electromechanical medical devices of both diagnostic and therapeutic types.
4. Supervising and participating in the processes of maintaining as well as calibrating the various medical devices.
5. Graduates shall be equipped with the skills of designing, developing and finding alternatives to certain parts of medical devices.
6. The Department is required to schedule and program periodic maintenance work.
7. Reinforcing the standards of performance, including the international criteria in the field of technical education.
8. Keeping abreast of the developments, which concern the Medical Devices Curricula.
9. Strengthening the relationship between the Department and the various sectors of its local community.
10. Developing and expanding types of communication with the corresponding institutions whether inside or outside the country.