College of Nursing

About The Department
MUC Nursing Department was established during the Academic year 2020-2021. There are several areas where Nursing Graduates can do their job. They are
1. Health Care
Nursing graduates have the ability and skills to work in public and private hospitals /Health Care institutions. They can work in the hospitals that belong to Universities, Military and Ministry of Health. Additionally, they can work in Psychological Rehabilitation centers and Health Insurance establishments.
2. Sector of Health Protection
Nursing graduates can work as Health inspectors. They can work in institutions specialized in spreading health culture, institutions that are responsible for mother and child care and in family care centers. Moreover, they can join the institutions of scientific research.
3. Sector of Academic Teaching:
They can work as academics at Universities after they finish postgraduate studies i.e. Master then PH.D. Consequently, they will have the right to work as Academics whether in private or public universities, nursing Institutions and schools of nursing.
4. Private Clinics and Health Centers:
Nursing staff availability is necessary for any health establishment that provides health care whether it is a private clinic or Medical center. So, they can work in private clinics that specialize in different areas.
5. Arranging Training Courses:
Cultivating the fundamentals of nursing culture among students is important and necessary. Thus, the Nursing graduates shall be able to organize Training Courses that deal with the Science of Nursing in public and private institutes.
MUC Nursing Department aims to be on a top rank of Nursing Sciences, seeking to correlate with Health Services that are provided to the community and in accordance with the College Vision. Additionally, it aspires to become one of the pioneering colleges locally, regionally and internationally by providing excellent learning techniques.
MUC Nursing Department persists to prepare professionally and cognitively distinguished nurses, equipped with scientific skills that qualify them to work in public or private health sectors. In addition, they shall be capable for providing thoroughly nursing care (proactive, clinical and rehabilitative for the individual or the community). All this can be achieved by providing academic courses that correlate with the College mission. Finally, the Department works on graduating a staff that can take the responsibility for building and developing the Iraqi community.
The Department seeks to achieve its mission through these goals:
1. Improving students' skills so as they can be able to use penetrating thinking, and to adapt the two methods of self-learning and problem-solving.
2. Promoting students' abilities to follow up the scientific measures when providing nursing care.
3. Promoting leadership skills among the students.
4. Reinforcing students so as to acquire broad understanding of the professional manner rules.
5. Encouraging students to acquire broad understanding of functional and analytical descriptions.
6. Enabling students to understand the theories of Nursing as well as the principles of Nursing Sciences and be able to implement the acquired knowledge when providing Nursing care.
7. Encouraging students to accomplish applied scientific research papers related to nursing care issues.