Computer Techniques Engineering Department

Computer Engineering Department was one of the two departments that Al-Mustaqbal University College started with when it was established in 2010. Pursuing modern trends in electronic engineering, specifically designing, accomplishing and maintaining E-Systems, as well as computer panels, high school graduates of scientific branch, industry and Institutes of Technology are admitted to this department. It is a four-year study, and the language used is English Electronic Terminology. Graduates shall be granted a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering Technologies, which is equal to the Degree offered by the Colleges of Technology at the Board of Technical Education. Meanwhile, the graduate is given an identity of the Iraqi Engineering Union, and he can work as a computer engineer whether at the Government Departments or in the Private Sector.
MUC Computer Engineering seeks to become a distinguished department in Iraq, and to be well-known with its scientific seriousness in education and research that lead to promoting knowledge and community services through constant technical support all together with graduating competent and efficient personnel in their specialization.
The Department mission can be summarized as follows:
• Qualifying efficient and distinguished cadre as an essential step for promoting progress in the technical engineering education and scientific research.
• Raising the scientific standards of employees through the processes of organizing training courses as well as conducting practical and empirical research.
• Nurturing top successful and talented students, exploiting the energies to conduct empirical research in the fields of engineering and industry, which is highly required to solve a number of serious problems faced by projects whether inside or outside the country.
The objectives can be summarized as follows:
• Meeting the increasing needs to specialists in Computer Engineering & Information Technology.
• Graduating engineers who can carry out research of all types in the field of computer engineering sciences, having the qualifications that enable them to find solutions to the current and future problems that might arise in their field.
• Expanding the knowledge horizon of all treatments, including work on operation, timing and control maps.
• Encouraging for innovation in designing some parts of the computer hardware in addition to leading research and the alternatives that could be utilized as well as the constant development at work and maintenance.