Building and Construction Techniques Engineering Department

According to the Ministerial Order No. 7161 of 2012, the department was established as a Civil Engineering. However, the name was changed into “Building & Construction Engineering Department” in 2017 as per the Ministerial Order No. 4326. The Department is concerned with the processes of studying, designing and analyzing all types of facilities, such as buildings, roads, bridges, airports, harbors and dams. Admission to the Department is determined as follows:
• Graduates of high school, scientific & applied branches with a grade not less than 60%
• Graduates of High School of Industry, Construction & Engineering Drawing with a grade not less than 65%
• Graduates of Technical Institutes, Building & Construction Department with a grade not less than 65%
The Department seeks to become distinguished and avant-garde in the field of building & construction engineering, providing the community with highly qualified engineers who are capable of keeping pace with the accelerating progress in the terrain of construction. In addition, the Department also strives for establishing a solid ground for scientific research.
The Department mission can be summarized as follows:
• Graduating engineers equipped with the ability to use modern technology in designing, implementing and maintaining all engineering projects. Furthermore, they are qualified as well to manage and operate specialized units for the production of construction materials as well as ready-made structure systems.
• Providing efficient engineering staff that could effectively contribute in the achievement of the country’s development goals.
• Conducting scientific and applied research so as to develop construction techniques and contribute in solving the problems that might arise in the field of work.
• Improving and developing performance as part of essential and constant processes to achieve quality assurance and obtain academic accreditation.
Building & Construction Engineering Department focuses on achieving a number of objectives. They can be summarized as follows:

1. Graduating engineers equipped with the fundamentals of engineering construction techniques.

2. Graduating engineers who are capable for designing, constructing and managing engineering projects.

3. Graduating engineers qualified with communication skills and the ability to successfully participate in a teamwork of multidisciplinary projects.

4. Graduating engineers who have the ability to keep learning and acquire skills required for planning and developing creative work that is based on the community values and morals.

5. Keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field of construction engineering through constant and periodical processes of re-evaluation to study plans and curricula.

6. Conducting research and empirical studies so as to reinforce and deepen knowledge that is required in providing solutions to local and regional problems.

7. Establishing deep and effective relationships with local, regional and international companies as well as institutions in order to enhance support for scientific research and educational activities.