A scientific seminar titled "The Importance of the Impact of Women's Divorce on Society" Date: 07/04/2024 | Views: 534

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By the directive of the honorable Minister of Higher Education / Minister's Office / Women's Affairs Department, and under the patronage of the respected President of Al-Mustaqbal University, and with guidance from the esteemed Dr. Amar Al-Husseini, Dean of the College of Law, the Women's Affairs Department, under the supervision of Dr. Sahira Qahtan Abduljabbar, in collaboration with the College of Law, held a scientific seminar on Wednesday, April 6, 2024, on the first floor of the Humanitarian Building. The seminar titled "The Importance of the Impact of Women's Divorce on Society" was presented by Ms. Ghathwan Ali Hussein.

In alignment with the fifth goal of Sustainable Development Goals, despite women's pivotal role in achieving development, they have not received sufficient support to overcome the obstacles preventing them from effectively fulfilling their roles. These obstacles include familial and societal challenges, as well as discrimination by employers in their treatment of men and women. Both law and Sharia agree that reducing barriers hindering women's work and providing them with better opportunities in various fields are fundamental to the development and advancement of society as a whole. We all face obstacles that may try to hinder our passion and work regardless of our identity, but we can overcome them to achieve success and positively influence our communities to achieve gender equality.