Anaesthesia Related Deaths Date: 10/04/2024 | Views: 95

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Death associated with anaesthetic procedures is rare, 1-4 deaths per 10,000 anaesthesias.
Those most at risk of death due to anesthesia are patients suffering from real and pre-existing diseases, such as diseases related to the body’s organs, chronic diseases, and even advanced age.
But recently, the pre evaluation helped us to reduce the incidence of deaths
The most common causes of anaesthesia related deaths are:
1-Circulatory Failure
Hypovolaemia It is one of the most common complication that occur during the operation due to severe bleeding or lack of fluid replacement
In addition to overdosage of anaesthetic agents such as thiopentone, opioids, benzodiazepines
2-Hypoxia and Hypoventilation
hypoxia and hypoventilation after for instance undetected Endotrechal intubation, difficult intubation, technical failure in the anaesthetic equipment, or aspiration of gastric content
3- Anaphylactoid Reactions
Malignant Hyperthermia one of the most critical situation that happened because the anesthetic
dangerously high body temperature, rigid muscles or spasms, a rapid heart rate
4- Human Negligence
• lack of vigilance or Care
• errors in the administration of drugs
• errors in the maintenance and control of the anaesthetic equipment.

In The End
we must always Make an preoperative assessment of the patient before he enters the operating room, as it allows us to diagnose and identify many cases that may suffer from problems during the operation.
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