X- ray percentage  in  Cosmic rayb.the  natural sources of production. Date: 20/11/2023 | Views: 442

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Cosmic X-rays refer to high-energy electromagnetic radiation that originates from outer space. While cosmic X-rays make up a small fraction of the total cosmic radiation, they play a crucial role in studying celestial objects and understanding various astrophysical phenomena. However, it's important to note that cosmic X-rays are not a significant source of radiation exposure for humans or the environment compared to other sources like medical imaging or nuclear power.
2. The sources
Natural Sources of Cosmic X-rays:
1. Black Holes and Neutron Stars: X-rays are emitted when matter falls into black holes or when neutron stars, which are incredibly dense remnants of supernova explosions, accrete material from their surroundings.
2. Supernova Remnants: In the aftermath of a supernova explosion, shockwaves accelerate particles to high energies, producing X-rays as they interact with the surrounding interstellar medium.