Outstanding Success in the Defense of a Ph.D. Thesis on "Complex Event Processing for WSN Anomaly Detection” at Al-Nahrain University Date: 19/11/2023 | Views: 329

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The University of Al-Nahrain hosted the Ph.D. dissertation defense for student Abdul Karim Abdul Rahim Shakri on Thursday, November 9, 2023, under the supervision of Professor Dr. Osama Ali Awad. The dissertation explores advanced strategies to enhance the security of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), focusing on implementing complex event processing techniques for anomaly detection within these networks. Professor Dr. Osama Ali Awad was as a member and supervisor for the dissertation.
Professor Dr. Osama Ali Awad played a vital role in guiding and monitoring the research, contributing significantly to the excellence of The doctoral thesis.
The doctoral candidate demonstrated a high level of competence in fulfilling the requirements for obtaining the Ph.D. degree, achieving a very good rating in the dissertation defense

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