The panel discussion on the role of artificial intelligence in sustainable development: vision and contributions Date: 18/02/2024 | Views: 75

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Under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Naeem Al-Aboudi, and under the direct supervision of the President of Al-Mustaqbal University, a discussion session was held at the Artificial Intelligence Center on “The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Sustainable Development,” which was held on the sidelines of the Sustainable Development Week held at Al-Mustaqbal University. For the period from February 17-22, 2024. In the presence of the President of the University, Professor Dr. Hassan Shaker Magdy, and a large number of prominent figures and those interested in the field of sustainable development and applications of artificial intelligence, including the former Minister of Culture, the President of the Middle Technical University, the Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology at the University of Babylon, and a number of others. attendance, which added a special character to the discussions and dialogue.
The episode began with a welcome speech from the session rapporteurs, Prof. Dr. Mahdi Ebadi Mane’ and Prof. Dr. Ali Kadhim Al-Gharabi, who gave us an overview of the goals and challenges associated with integrating technology and artificial intelligence in the field of sustainable development. They also provided an overview of the program and the panel discussion schedule.
The session hosted a number of speakers
Mr. Dr. Youssef Khalaf Youssef / President of Al-Shaab National University
Mr. Dr. Alaa Hussein Muhammad Al-Hamami / Head of the Artificial Intelligence Department - University of the People
M.D. Muammar Nafi Muhammad / Al-Mustaqbal University / Department of Cybersecurity
At the conclusion of the session, the Honorable President of the University distributed certificates of appreciation to the speakers, in recognition of their valuable contributions and effective contributions to enriching the discussion circle.

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