A scientific workshop conducted by teaching assistant teacher Mohammed Qasim Obayes Al-Azzawi entitled (SMART SOLER CELL IOT Smart Solar Cells Using the Internet of Things) Date: 23/01/2024 | Views: 168

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Under the patronage of the Honorable President of Future University, Professor Dr. Hassan Shaker Magdi, and the Honorable Mrs. Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medical Technologies, Assistant Professor Dr. Zahraa Halim Al-Qayyim, in order to achieve the goals of sustainable development, the fourth goal (quality education), the teaching assistant in the Department of Optometry Technologies, Assistant Lecturer Mohammed Qasim Obayes Al-Azzawi, was established. A scientific workshop entitled (Smart solar cell IOT, smart solar cells using the Internet of Things), in which the teacher discussed the types of smart solar cells and the extent of benefiting from them, and there was wide participation by the department’s teachers.