The medical examination tent continues to operate for the third day Date: 19/02/2024 | Views: 177

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Under the supervision and follow-up of the presidency of the esteemed university and the deanship of the college of health and medical technologies, represented by Assistant Professor Dr. Zahraa Halim Al-Qayyim, and the presidency of the optical technologies Refinement Department, represented by Assistant Professor Dr. Yassin Hassan Kazem, the work of the visual examination camp of the Department of optical technologies continues for the third day in a row, and all medical examinations, including eye examinations, retinal examinations, and many visual medical examinations at Al-Mustaqbal university within the framework of the sustainable development Week activities, which are held at Al-Mustaqbal university. Which lasts from February 17 to 22, where the tent provides comprehensive laboratory tests for students, visitors and external guests. The free examinations in the tent include vision and retinal examination and many medical examinations related to the eye for free. The patient’s medical prescription is also dispensed for free through agreement with companies specialized in the field of ophthalmology and medical drops. This activity comes in framework for achieving (Sustainable Development Goal 3) of achieving good health and promoting well-being. Providing these free services contributes to enhancing health awareness and health care among all members of the university community.