A scientific article by Dr. Bassam Al-Turaihi entitled HOW THE IRAQ HEALTH AND EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS FACED THE Date: 06/01/2023 | Views: 430

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This tiny little creature affected our way of living in many walks of life and put all the governments across the world under a huge pressure majorly in the economic and health sector.

In all countries, the governmental authorities tried to follow recommendations of the world health organization on one hand and adapt their capacities on the other hand. This situation led to massive increase in the pressure and the responsibilities on the third world countries as they usually had a shortage in the tools to face such enormous difficulties and Iraq is an example.

At the beginning of March 2020, the Iraqi government announced the first complete lockdown in markets, schools, and universities. In fact, the government succeeded in enforcing its rules in the centre of major cities, however, people in small towns, rural areas and those living in poverty didn’t comply with the lockdown measures.

At the same time, the ministry of higher education embarked with e-learning, which was a big challenge for both the academic staff and the students at the same time. The reason behind this was, In Iraq, we don’t have well established infrastructure for such a rapid and sudden shifting in the ways of learning.

People who were working in the medical and dental schools early realized that they need to pay all the efforts to compensate for the lack of information that could happen especially for the final year students who usually spend around fifty percent of their study at the university clinics that were closed during the lockdown. It is difficult to say whether compensation for traditional learning was possible or not. Many of the academic staff were dissatisfied and concerned about the quality of the 2020 graduates. The reason was that all the universities didn’t succeed to put a set of examinations to evaluate the exact level of the students and we end up the academic year with an extreme high passing rate in the exam close to 100% with a very high marks

We know our students and know their levels. There is no matching before and after coronavirus time. In the past, we used to test our students in a classical way of examination by doing paper and clinical exams to