The Accreditation Committee meeting for the Dental College was held under the chairmanship of the Dean of the Dental College. Date: 31/03/2024 | Views: 177

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The Accreditation Committee for the College of Dentistry held a meeting with the Dean of the College, Dr. Athraa Yahya Al-Hajazi, along with the Quality Assurance Consultant for the Al Mustaqbal University , Assistant Professor Dr. Sawsam Jasim, the Director of the Quality Assurance Unit for the College of Dentistry, Dr. Ali Ihsan Kazem, Ali Saadi, Dr. Zaid Mahand, Dr. Mustafa Nama, and Dr. Nadine Atheer. Documents and evidence supporting the accreditation for the seven criteria were presented, along with the achievement percentages and the timeline for completion. Negative points were also identified for overcoming and resolving them.