Using Medical Mechatronics Tools to Employ Artificial Intelligence in the Health Field. Date: 25/11/2023 | Views: 378

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that is engineered after Brain Neural Network Sand uses multiple layers of information - including algorithms, pattern matching, rules, deep learning, and cognitive computing - to learn how to understand data.
In the health sector, it is the use of algorithms and software to improve and approximate human knowledge in the analysis of complex medical data. In particular, artificial intelligence is the ability of computer algorithms to approximate conclusions without the need for human intervention directly. Artificial intelligence programs have been developed and applied in diagnostic processes, development of treatment protocols, drug development, personalized medicine, patient monitoring, and care.
With AI, healthcare professionals can tackle complex problems that are difficult to address on their own or that require a lot of time. AI can be a valuable resource for medical professionals, allowing them to better use their expertise and deliver value across the health ecosystem.
because of the new Coronavirus, new challenges have emerged to address this epidemic and how to control its spread on a large scale, which led to an increase in the demand for mechatronics applications, and the need to know how to use mechatronics in the health field by reviewing medical robots and health care and their applications and current trends and their mechanism of work to benefit from them better in the field this field. Mechatronics powered by artificial intelligence can extract relevant information from large amounts of data and generate actionable insights that can be applied to many applications.
Mechatronics with AI translates the surgeon's actions of hand into the actions of robotic arms. In the surgical field, highly risky operations and procedures are performed by precision through tiny incisions by the manipulation of several robotic arms, which includes, to view the surgical area remotely using 3-D vision technology. The newest device includes an advanced active prosthetic limb, prosthetic hand, and fingers which helps us grasp and maneuver objects with great skill and care.
There is a huge scope and need for mechatronics and robotics in Medicine and Healthcare. Successful healthcare depends not only on the clinicians but also on the appropriateness of the assistive devices and medical instruments.

By :Msc . Zaid Ibrahim Rasool