Lecturer at AL-Mustaqbal University, Department of Building and Construction Technologies Engineering publishes a scientific research entitled Sensitivity of infiltration models in Rural Soils Overlaying Unsteady Shallow Groundwater Date: 25/04/2023 | Views: 431

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As part of the activities of the Department of Building and Construction Engineering at the University of AL-Mustaqbal , Prof. Dr. Najah Al-Mamouri has published a solid scientific research in one of the sober Iraqi journals (Iraqi geological journal), which is classified within Scopus containers. Times of water scarcity, and this contributes to determining the policy of rationing irrigation water during periods of water scarcity in rivers. As Iraq at the present time suffers a lot from the scarcity of surface imports of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers because of the new water policies of the riparian countries such as Turkey and Iran.