Article by programmer Fatima Walid in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Industries, MUSTAQBAL University Date: 09/02/2024 | Views: 147

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The programmer in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Industries, Fatima Walid, wrote an article entitled (Paper Recycling). The content of the article was: Paper recycling is the process of converting spent paper into new paper for use again. Recycling contributes to preserving natural resources and reducing waste and pollution. Most types of paper can be recycled including newspapers, books, chairs, cans and cardboard.

Paper recycling is done by collecting used paper and separating it from impurities such as clay, colors and other fibres. The paper is then cut into small pieces and washed and cleaned to remove ink and other impurities. Next, the disturbed fibers are reshaped to form new paper.

Paper recycling can save a lot of energy and sustainable resources. Its benefits include reducing tree use, saving water, and reducing harmful emissions. Recycled paper can be used to make cardboard, boxes, and other paper products.

So, we must all work together to recycle paper and contribute to preserving our environment. You can check local recycling places in your area and participate in this important process.