The start of the Mustaqbal Sustainability Festival activities Date: 17/02/2024 | Views: 96

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The President of Future University, Professor Dr. Hassan Shaker Magdy, announces the start of the activities of the Future Sustainability Festival, which began this morning, Saturday 2/17/2024, the start of the student march for the Second International Student Forum for Sustainable Development.

Where 650 male and female students were represented in the future sustainability process, from all university faculties, student activities and the popular fashion choir,
The demonstrators wore different costumes that expressed the goals that each college is working to achieve and implement in a beautiful, expressive and purposeful manner. The march was led by student riders riding on the horses of the university’s reserve, raising the Iraqi flag, the university flag, and the sustainability flag. Then the parades of the Iraqi flags, the sustainability flags, and the university’s logo, which was in the middle of the sustainability goals, were then performed. University students pledged loyalty to the country, the university and the college
There was also a demonstration of fencing and taekwondo by teachers from the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences