On the Occasion of World Diabetes Day, Department of Medical Labs Organizes a Forum Entitled "Diabetes & Community Health" Date: 15/11/2023 | Views: 389

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Under the Guardianship of Prof. Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi, President of Al-Mustaqbal University, with the Deanship Supervision of College of Technology & Health Sciences, Department of Medical Labs has organized a Scientific Forum on the Occasion of World Diabetes Day.
It is remarkable to note that an Elite Group of Specialized Doctors have been invited to the Forum, where a Symposium has been convened under the title
"Diabetes & Community Health"
During the Symposium, several Lectures have delivered by Dr. Fadhil Kadhim Al-Sultani, Dr. Hamid Sayed Dahab, Dr. Dhia Kadhim Hassoun, and Dr. Najwa Qahtan Al-Jubouri. In these lectures several issues related to Diabetes have been discussed, including Diabetes Repercussions, Nutritional Restrictions, Treatment Methods, Prevention, and how to live with a diabetic status, and meanwhile reducing its risk.
In a speech given by Assist Prof. Dr. Munthir Fadhil Hassan, the President Assistant for Administrative Affairs, he has clarified that Diabetes does indeed affect human health in the Iraqi Society, and having many repercussions on Health & Quality of Life. Accordingly, Awareness Programs about this disease are highly required in order to mitigate its effect on people in general. In conclusion, free Medical Examinations have been organized for the Forum Attendees as a vital step to highlight the risks resulting from this disease.
Finally, we should note that Diabetic Children Organization of Babylon has also been invited to the Forum to be good example for healthy coexistence with this disease. Besides a Medical Exhibition has been organized in which the latest findings of Modern Treatment Methods have been highlighted.