Launch of Al-Mustaqbal Sustainability Festival Date: 19/02/2024 | Views: 185

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On Saturday 17th February 2024, and under the Guardianship of His Excellency Dr. Naeem Al-Aboudi, Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Prof Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi announced launch of
The Second International Festival of Al-Mustaqbal Sustainability Week
It is considerable to note that the Festival has started with the March of the Second International Student Forum for Sustainable Development, where 650 Students of both genders have been representing all Colleges & Departments of the University, wearing different costumes in a beautiful, expressive and purposeful manner, which express the Goals that each College is working on to achieve.
After receiving the Festival Guests, Speeches have been delivered by Babylon Governorate Representative, in addition to Assist Prof Dr. Faris Mahdi, Director of Private Education, Romanian Ambassador in Baghdad, UNDP Representative, the Parliament Member Mr. Mustafa Al-Garaawi, as well as Professor Talal Yousif. They all have appreciated in their speeches this Great Carnival, with the unique and amazing activities it has comprised. Then, the University President has reviewed these activities, including more than 700 Exhibitions and the participation of more than (40) Public and Private Universities, Companies of various sectors, Departments and Ministries, all along with International Organizations.
We are obliged to note as well that the Festival Events have been attended by the Parliament Members Dr. Haidar Al-Salami, Mustafa Al-Garaawi, Mrs. Nidaa Al-Guraiti, Mr. Yasir Witwit, in addition to Sheikh Fawaz Ahmed, Sheikh Asaad Al-Muslimawi, Chairman of the Babylon Governorate Council, Mr. Mahdi Al-Jubouri, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Alaa Al-Araji, Assistant Governor, Mr. Zaman Ali Musa, Mayor of Babylon, M. Zaman Ali Musa, as well as Prof. Dr. Qahtan Al-Jubouri, President of Babylon University, Prof. Dr. Hassan Al-Awadi, President of Al-Qasim Green University, Prof. Dr. Waddah Al-Timimi, President of Central Technology, Prof. Dr. Osama Al-Mashhadani, President of Nineveh University, Dr. Abbas Al-Bakri, President of Information Technology University, Prof. Dr. Tahseen Hussein Mubarak, President of the University of Diyala, Prof. Dr. Yousif Khalaf Yousif, President of Al-Shaab University, and Prof. Dr. Hassan Nadhim representing the American University, Prof. Dr. Fatin Al-Qazzaz, Assistant President of Al-Mustansiriya University, Prof Dr. Khalid Ajmi, Head of Chemical Engineering Department, represented by the Delegation of the University of Technology, all along with many other University President Assistants, Deans of Colleges, Professors in various Positions, Heads of Departments, as well as Police Leaders, headed by Major General Muhammad Sami Al-Sultani, Babylon Police Chief, and a number of Officers, Sheikhs of Clans with a Large Crowd. We should note as well that Prof Dr. Haidar Abid Dhahad, the Deputy Minister of Higher Education for Scientific Research Affairs has attended part of the Festival Events.
Besides, Gifts and Shields have been distributed to Distinguished Speakers and Guests. Certificates of Appreciation and Shields have also been distributed the Inventors who have participated with (100) Patents, and in the Presence of Mrs. Teresa, President of Iraqi Inventors Association.
Finally, we are obliged to note that the Winners of Al-Mustaqbal Sustainability Award have been announced, and as follows:
1. First Award: Assistant Prof Dr. Azher M. Abid for submitting two Projects, one on "Pollution Reduction Strategy in the Governorate of Babylon", and the second on "Artificial Intelligence Applications at Pollution Control"
2. Second Award: Assist Prof Dr. Tahani Muhammad / Al Qasim Green University for her efforts in projects related to reduction of Climate Change & Agriculture.
3. Third Award: Assist Prof Dr. Zahraa Al-Qayim for her efforts and excellence on SDG3: Good Health & Well-Being
It is noteworthy that the activities shall proceed on throughout the week, and we shall keep you updated with the latest developments.