Al-Mustaqbal University College Academy to teach swimming for children until 2024 Date: 05/09/2022 | Views: 1097

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Based on the keenness and the responsibility of Al-Mustaqbal University College in serving the community to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, (SDG4: Quality Education), the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences -Al-Mustaqabl University College organizes swimming courses for the children with low income, orphans and martyrs’ families. The aim of these courses is to encourage the children from the above-mentioned groups, who cannot afford the subscription fees to join swimming courses.
The Academy started from 1/9/2022 and for two years on a continuous basis and will be including teaching children the basic swimming skills, those courses will be held in Marina swimming pool in Hilla - Babil.
The Registration Form of these courses has been published and on the website of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences in order to provide an opportunity for the largest number of concerned individuals and other institutions targeting the aforementioned groups to participate and benefit from these courses that are characterized by delivering Theoretical, scientific and applied lectures.
Target groups: male and female children of the Babylon community, from the orphans category - the martyrs’ families category - the low-income category. The training is four days a week (Friday - Saturday - Monday - Wednesday) at four in the afternoon
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