University College of the Future Academy to teach basketball to children until 2024 Date: 10/09/2022 | Views: 1130

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Within the activities of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences – Al-Mustaqbal University College to serve civil society, which is one of the requirements of Sustainable Development, the Basketball Academy for Children was established on 15/8/2022 till 30/9/2024, with the aim of educating children aged 10 to 16 years basketball skills in cooperation with Nidal Ghanem Academy. Sports and academic activities will be practiced in the hall of Martyr Hamza Nuri and the halls of Babylon Youth and Sports Directorate.
The Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at Al-Mustaqbal University College continues to follow up its activities in the Academy and under the direct supervision of the players of the National Basketball Team and some professors of the Department, where a set of studies were applied on the Academy, the idea of establishing this Academy came to raise the physical and technical capabilities of children and stand at some of the tools and supplies that must be provided during the training so that the children master the basic skills in basketball and work under the team spirit, familiarity, love and acquaintance between the different groups of society to reach a conscious, understanding and loving generation within the academy and to reject all the unwanted aspects and behaviors, as it is the duty of the Academy to raise the scientific level in addition to the skill side, and it is one of the priorities of good learning for children.
Prof. Dr. Mazen Hadi Kazar, Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences stated that professors from the Department of Physical Education will be involved in this Academy trainings, in addition to qualified trainers who were hired from Iraqi Universities, National Team players and some Iraqi League professionals. The targeted groups are children form Babel community of all ages and the training will be on three days a week (Sunday - Tuesday - Thursday) at 5:00 pm in the hall of the martyr Hamza Nuri.