Al-Mustaqbal University Recalls World No Tobacco Day Date: 31/05/2023 | Views: 307

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Due to the Directives of Prof. Dr. Hasan Shakir Majdi, President of Al-Mustaqbal University that go in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 3: Good Health & Well-Bing, Al-Mustaqbal University has recollected the World No Tobacco Day, reinforcing the Campaign, which aims to support millions of people who are inclined to quit smoking. This can be carried out by raising awareness of Tobacco Industry and its Negative Effect on Public Health.
Al-Mustaqbal University indeed has adopted many procedures in its constant efforts to assist people quit smoking, since the University is deemed a Social as well as Educational Institution in charge of spreading knowledge and alertness about bad, negative and unhealthy habits and behaviours.
As a matter of fact, a variety of activities have been conducted in this context by our University, including Awareness Campaigns, Lectures, Symposiums, Workshops, and distribution of brochures that focus on the dangers of smoking, and the benefits that can be acquired when quitting it.
Besides, Al-Mustaqbal University has been cooperating with Health Institutions and Organization, whether Public or Private, for the purpose of exchanging knowledge and experiences as well as implementing joint projects that all aim to protect Public Health and undoubtedly leading to improving Health Care and Society Welfare.
Finally, we hope that these collective efforts, being a strong message, shall motivate more people to quit smoking.