The President of the University provides support to Al-Mustaqbal University graduates studying at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Date: 31/10/2023 | Views: 750

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In fulfillment of the slogan of the University of the Al-Mustaqbal ((Our graduates... our pride)) and during his visit to the Malaysian USM University, the President of the University of the Al-Mustaqbal met with Prof. Dr. Hassan Shaker Magdy presented a group of graduates of the Department of Medical Physics who are completing their studies to obtain a master’s degree in medical physics at Universiti Sains Malaysia USM and provided them with financial scholarships to complete their studies.

Supporting and supporting diligent and distinguished students and the role of our university as an educational institution that supports the development of scientific capabilities and openness to reputable international universities. Appointing them to the staff of the Faculty of Science/University of the Al-Mustaqbal after completing their master’s studies and equivalency of the certificate.