Nonlinear Analysis of Slurry Infiltrated Fiber Concrete Vierendeel Truss Date: 15/12/2023 | Views: 474

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A research was published by a lecturer in the Department of Building and Construction Technology Engineering (Mr. Raghda Ali Nasser) in the local magazine of the University of Babylon. The research was entitled (Nonlinear Analysis of Concrete Fibers Leaking from Vierendeel Truss) Link to the research (https://www.
Nonlinear analysis of Freundian cement mortar made of concrete mortar reinforced with iron fibres
Abstract: The purpose of this research is to study the structural behavior of Freundian reinforcements made of concrete mortar reinforced with iron fibers under applied load using theoretical analysis of the studied reinforcements. The Abacus program was used to study the nonlinear behavior of these monoliths based on three-dimensional finite elements. Structural behavior is represented by the maximum load and the pattern of cracks and precipitation. The theoretical results were compared with previously conducted experimental results and showed good agreement and a failure pattern similar to the practical results. It was found that the presence of openings causes a break in the stress path, causing stress to concentrate in the area of openings and the early appearance of cracks.