Al-Mustaqbal University launches sustainability awards within the framework of Al-Mustaqbal Sustainability Week Date: 24/02/2024 | Views: 402

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Launching the Al-Mustaqbal Sustainability Awards
In support of its mission to stimulating creative and innovative work, Al-Mustaqbal University launched the Al-Mustaqbal Sustainability Awards within the activities of the Al-Mustaqbal Sustainability Week Festival under the patronage of His Excellency the Honorable Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the supervision of the Honorable President of the University, Professor Dr. Hassan Shaker Magdy, which was launched in Al- Mustaqbal University for the period (17-22/2/2024).
The award winners were honored with certificates and shields of excellence, as well as lucrative financial rewards that were determined in accordance with the sustainability standards set by the relevant committee for this purpose. The first prize was won by Assistant Professor Dr. Azhar Mohsen Abd (Dean of the College of Engineering Technologies) at Al-Mustaqbal University for his participation in the design and implementation of Systems that preserve the environment, in addition to publishing a lot of scientific research in international institutions, including (Scopas), and among the systems that were designed and implemented is the Al-Mustaqbal platform for environmental monitoring, which aims to preserve the environment in Babil Governorate, preserve the health of society, sustain natural resources, and determine how to deal with it. Addressing environmental problems and submitting proposals to reduce the impact of climate change, as well as designing and implementing a weather station at Al-Mustaqbal University to monitor and record weather conditions in Babil Governorate to analyze data and provide the necessary information to help researchers and scholars in the field of energy and environment and decision-makers in making the right decisions to address climate change. .
The second prize was won by Assistant Professor Dr. Tahani Jawad Muhammad Ali from Al Qasim Green University for her efforts in developing sustainable agriculture in the natural reserve at Al-Mustaqbal University and her great efforts in finding solutions to confront climate challenges, while the third prize was won by Assistant Professor Dr. Zahraa Halim Al-Qayyim, Dean of the College of Technology. Health and medicine at Al-Mustaqbal University for its role in promoting good health within the third goal of the sustainable development goals.

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