Top 10 universities in Iraq based on their publishing rate (papers/day) from 28/04 to 19/05 in Scopus in 2023 Date: 23/03/2024 | Views: 287

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The University of Baghdad is the top-ranked university in Iraq in terms of publishing rate. It published an average of 8.14 papers per day in Scopus from 28/04 to 19/05 in 2023. This is significantly higher than the publishing rates of other Iraqi universities.
Al-Mustaqbal University College and the University of Technology are also very active in publishing research. They published an average of 4.52 and 3.29 papers per day, respectively.
The University of Mosul, University of Babylon, and Al-Farahidi University are also publishing research at a relatively high rate. They published an average of 3.00, 2.86, and 2.76 papers per day, respectively.