Markov Model For Bridge State Simulation Date: 05/04/2024 | Views: 226

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Lec. Dr. Riyadh Abdulabas Ali Alsultani
Theoretical and Conceptual Framework
The main objective of this theoretical and conceptual framework is to present and discuss the theoretical and conceptual framework which were used and employed in the study. These served as the basis of the researchers in analyzing and interpreting data. The theoretical and conceptual frameworks gave concrete and enough information regarding to the study and in the related literature reviewed by the proponents.
Theories constitute the basic knowledge on how the concepts perform. Thus, it is ideal to determine the background of a theory that can affect a particular routine of the system. The illustration was provided for a clear perception on how the theories are interrelated in order to create a better plan for the experimentation.
Theoretical and Conceptual Framework Diagram
Probability Theory
Probability is a very important tool in describing and analyzing probability distribution. In this study, the probability theory was helping the proponents to understand and analyze the complex of real world. It can be used to model and develop complex real world systems. Through this theory, it may solve the possible outcome of the bridge and determine the condition rate whether the bridge could with stand the factors or noModeling and Simulation Theory
This theory is useful to the developer to get an insight about different decision of how to create a structure without actually building it. In this study, modeling and simulation is creating an object which is based through virtual world which represents the real world. This theory helped the proponents by developing a system which is much closer to the reality to know the possibilities and outcome if it were applied to the real world by testing it through the virtual process. Through the modeling and simulation theory the proponent can see the scenarios which are also related to the real life situation.
Structural Theory
Structural theory is a field tests which provide an invaluable basis for structural analysis and design. This study, were help the proponents to decide of what structural bridge design to be used for a specific area. Through this theory the proponent should analyze first the basic structures before applying it in order not to waste any efforts and time for developing the simulation. It has also helped the proponent to decide what bridge design to be used to identify what is the best for bridge.
The conceptual framework provides a coherent relationship between ideas that were shape the study being identified. It provides an overview of concepts that can build the pillars of the whole study. Moreover, it provides important concepts that may best apply as the researchers conduct the experiment.
Markov Model
The model is a Markov model that represents the bridge decay of components taking into account their current state. Markov is also a process in which the probability distribution of the current state is conditionally independent of the path of the past states.
This was also helped the proponent to measure the lifespan of the bridge.
State Diagram for Markov Model
Markov model was determined the bridge state simulation through probability of failure and regression model. Probability of failure, is use to determine the bridge state through the process and formula of probability of failure. Regression model is used to predict the bridge state simulation.
Use of Markov Model for Bridge State Simulation
In this study, markov model has helped the proponents in modeling stochastic processes that occurs frequently in computer science. It will help the proponent estimate the repair of the bridge accurately. This will also help the proponents to predict the bridge and condition rate. A markov model for bridge simulation describes how markov model is used for bridge state simulation. Markov model is used to determine the probability of failure and regression model in which the condition rate and lifespan of the bridge.
Regression Model
Regression model is widely used for prediction and forecasting, where its use has substantial overlap with the field of machine learning. Regression analysis is also used to understand which among the independent variables are related to the dependent variable, and to explore the forms of these relationships.
Scatterplot Diagram for Regression Model
Regression model was determining the bridge state through condition rate and lifespan. Condition rate, this is used for determine the bridge state through the process and formula of condition rate. Lifespan is used for determining the bridge state through the formula of lifespan.
Use of Regression Model for Bridge Simulation
In this study, regression model is used by the proponent to predict the condition rate and lifespan of the bridge. It has also helped the proponent to understand the variables independent or dependent on typical value. This will help the proponent to analyze the variation of the dependent and independent variable around the regression function which can be described by the probability distribution. A regression model diagram describes how regression model is use for bridge state simulation. Regression model is used for determining the condition rate and lifespan. It is used in any events as long the event needs a prediction to determine its lifespan and condition in the same way as the bridge.
Structural Design
A Structural design was determined the bridge state through bridge length and bridge design category. Bridge length is used to determine how long the bridge should be used in a specific area. Bridge design category is used to determine what category of a bridge design should be used for a specific area.
Use of Structural Design for Bridge State Simulation
In this study, structural design has helped the proponents to decide the category which will be used for a specific area on which the bridge will be constructed or developed. It was helpful for the proponents to determine the length of the bridge so that it was more compatible to the area. A structural design diagram describes how structural design is used for bridge state simulation.