Stage One

At this stage, a workshop is held for the dean's assistants, heads of departments, and department deciders on (the evaluation mechanism and updating the data of associates through the electronic performance evaluation system that depended by the ministry), and all the questions that were raised and the questions that were asked by the attendees were answered.

Stage Two

During this stage, in cooperation with the Administrative Affairs Division, all the affiliates who are entered earlier are updated. Also, the rest of the names that were not present are added, and it may take 15-20 days for the information to be collected and re-entered into the system, and then the data is checked for more than Once for the data to be complete.

Stage Three

This stage is the most difficult because the evaluation process requires accuracy in entering data and speed in presenting the results so that we are not outside the timings set by the ministry to finish the evaluation process as the follow-up process takes place on a daily basis with gentlemen heads of departments to find out the latest developments and how to deal with problems. During this stage, the system officials are reviewed about any questions in the evaluation process and the procedures that are taken in the event of a mistake in addition to deleting the duplicate names or those who are no longer within the college owners.