Division Word

The vision and mission of the division stem from those of the College. The division seeks to achieve a set of goals that are on the benefits of the college and its mission to serve the community perfectly.

Division Vision

The division strives to promote the culture of continuous development in all of the college’s structures so that the College can be qualified to obtain institutional and program accreditation from local, regional and international certified bodies.

Division Mission

Planning a scheme of the Total Quality Management in accordance with international standards through the use of the latest models and practices to ensure quality as well as assessment of the College performance. In addition, the division follows up with the implementation of the scheme in order to achieve the College’s goals (teaching, learning, scientific research, community service ... etc.) and support its endeavors to obtain local, regional and international accreditation.

Division’s Objectives:
  • Spreading the notions of Total Quality and the continuous development in the College Departments and its academic and administrative units.
  • Conducting studies and organizing conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops in the field of Total Quality Management and academic accreditation.
  • Supporting the scientific Departments in order to improve the college’s ranking locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Supporting the College to obtain institutional and program accreditation locally, regionally and internationally for the educational programs in the college.