Mechanical Power Techniques Engineering Department

The Department of Power Mechanical Techniques Engineering was established at Al-Mustaqbal University with the founding of the university in 2010 pursuant to the Administrative Order issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. C5/3989 on August, 31 2010 and the Honorable Council of Ministers Resolution No. 427 of 2009. The department seeks to build graduates who are knowledgeable and fully aware of the engineering principles and practical applications of air conditioning, refrigeration and renewable energy systems by providing the latest educational methods and preparing laboratories rich in laboratory equipment so that they will be applied engineers capable of excuting, designing and supervising the installation of cooling systems and renewable energy systems of various types.
The department's vision is to be a leader in the field of technical innovation in both branches of the Power Mechanics Department: the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Branch and the Renewable Energy Branch. We seek to develop sustainable and smart solutions in refrigeration, air conditioning, and renewable energy that meet the needs of society and contribute to preserving the environment. We believe in the importance of sustainability and the shift towards more efficient and sustainable technologies in this field.
Providing qualified graduates who could effectively contribute in serving their community and solving certain issues in the terrain of industry so as to achieve the required progress for the country’s economy. In addition, Preparing graduates equipped with applied industrial experiences, and this can be accomplished by introducing modern technological programs and views into the department’s curricula.
The Department of Power Mechanical Technology Engineering aims to qualify its graduates to be applied engineers who have the ability to prepare preliminary designs for air conditioning, refrigeration and freezing systems of all types in particular and mechanical devices in general and who are able to excute, design and supervise the installation of refrigeration systems of different types. The department also aims to develop sustainable energy generation technologies and systems and reduce reliance on traditional energy sources that cause environmental pollution.