Medical Laboratories Techniques Department

The Department of Medical Laboratories Techniques was established in 2011 under the administrative decree issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 5555 on 4/12/2011. The department is considered to be one of the modern trends in the field of Medical sciences, in particular the pathological analysis. High school graduates of the scientific branch are admitted as well as the Technical Institutes graduates. The duration of the study is four years, after which the graduate will be awarded a Bachelor's degree in the Techniques of Pathological Analysis equivalent to the certificates awarded in the specialization of Technical Colleges in the Technical Education Authority.
The Medical Laboratory Techniques Department of the Al-Mustaqbal University is an example to be followed at the local and regional levels.
The Medical Laboratory Techniques Department is committed to the College of Health and Medical Techniques of Al-Mustaqbal University to prepare a distinguished graduate with competitiveness and to meet the requirements of the labour market and scientific research in the fields of medical laboratories for the service of society and the environment in the field of laboratories and medical services through the development of skills, attention to external scientific dissemination in specialized scientific journals, the organization of conferences, the holding of training courses and scientific symposia, the management and implementation of research projects and the provision of technical advice in cooperation with universities, institutes and research centers at home and abroad to achieve the objectives of sustainable development.
1.The purpose of the Department is to prepare medical technical personnel specialized in medical laboratory science and pathological analysis.
2.Treatment of tests of a laboratory analytical nature so that graduates can work in public and private health institutions.
3.Creation of specialized personnel capable of keeping pace with scientific and technical medical development in the field of diagnosis based on the results of pathological analysis.
4.Complete the diagnosis by integrating with other health branches and departments.
5.Provide the local market with specialized expertise in health in general and laboratory in particular.
6.To emphasize the accuracy of the work and to adopt proper results of the tests, since they play an effective role in the diagnosis of health injuries and diseases in order to assist in their treatment as soon as possible.
7.Actively contribute to scientific research by investing the Department ' s laboratories in assisting professors and specialists to complete scientific research requirements in the service of society and to achieve sustainable development goals.
8.Creating a supportive medical army to deal with all epidemics and spreading diseases at any time.
9. Preparing postgraduate students who will contribute to the process of developing the infrastructure of medical and academic institutions by dealing with highly accurate and more advanced medical examinations that keep pace with medical modernity in the field of pathological analyses, giving medical lectures, and holding scientific workshops to serve the community and achieve sustainable development goals.