Program Description | Medical Laboratories Techniques Department

The Department of Medical Laboratories Techniques was established in 2011 under the administrative decree issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 5555 on 4/12/2011. The department is considered to be one of the modern trends in the field of Medical sciences, in particular the pathological analysis. High school graduates of the scientific branch are admitted as well as the Technical Institutes graduates. The duration of the study is four years, after which the graduate will be awarded a Bachelor's degree in the Techniques of Pathological Analysis equivalent to the certificates awarded in the specialization of Technical Colleges in the Technical Education Authority.
The department aims to develop the level of the field of Medical Sciences and their applications as well as to transfer what is new about Pathological Analysis for the benefit of society.
The department seeks to elect the best modern scientific methods in delivering qualitative information to students through a distinguished staff and teachers, in addition to providing students with practical experience through practical training in the laboratories of the department.
The department aims to graduate Technical staff capable of working in Medical laboratories, performing routine laboratory analysis, general chemical tests, fluid testing, operating and maintaining laboratory devices.