Program Description | College of Pharmacy

MUC Pharmacy Department was establish in 2017, and the Opening Ceremony was attended by Dr. Abdul Razzaq Abdul Jaleel Al-Isa, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It is considerable to note the first group admitted to the Department were 200 students, 22 of them have study grants.

MUC Pharmacy Department nowadays includes several laboratories dealing with the following scientific areas::
1. Pharmaceutics;
2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry;
3. Analytical and Organic Chemistry;
4. Drugs and Toxins;
5. Basic Science;
6. Drugs and Medicinal Plants; and
7. Computer Laboratory
Besides, the Department is equipped with professional pharmacists as well as highly qualified academics.
The Department’s vision focuses on several aspects, which can be summarized as follows:
1. Being a pioneer in the field of pharmaceutical education;
2. Providing unique and distinguished curricula in the field of pharmacology on both theoretical and empirical levels;
3. Focusing on the practical aspect of education so as to enable graduates acquire the required skills and knowledge they need in the field of pharmaceutical industry as well as clinical pharmacy.
4. Adopting projects and plans featured with innovative ideas that seek to improve pharmaceutical education and research.
5. Deepening students’ professional as well as commercial unionism.

The Department’s mission can be detailed through the following elements:
1. Developing the spirit of honest competition among students to achieve excellence in the various fields of their study.
2. Promoting the quality of pharmaceutical education, which shall undoubtedly lead to developing students’ skills, and ensuring that they have full access to theoretical and empirical knowledge.
3. Using the latest technologies in training and qualifying students.
4. Encouraging fifth-grade students to develop their research skills, which they highly require when they start writing their graduation papers and for future projects as well.

MUC Pharmacy Department aims to achieve the following objectives:
1. Graduating specialized and professional pharmacists;
2. Adopting well-designed and reliable educational program;
3. Creating an environment that is quite plausible for the learning processes;
4. Developing administrative systems and procedures in line with the movement of scientific and technical progress;
5. Utilizing the most feasible approaches required for the teaching processes;
6. Diversifying sources of funding so as to achieve sustainable financial future;
7. Produce innovative and creative scientific research;
8 Communicating and cooperating with local, regional as well as international universities;
9 Pursuing the goal of joining the global ranking based on academic credits; and
10. Providing scientific laboratories internationally recognized with advanced standards.