Program Description | Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Industries Department

The department of Chemical and Petroleum Industries was established in 2017 as a part of Al-Mustaqbal University strategic policy to provide the local market with professionals in the field of Chemical and Petroleum Industries Engineering. The study of the department covers various areas of industry including petroleum, oil refineries, petrochemicals, construction, water treatment, paints, textiles, food industries, and pharmaceutical industries. The department provides the scientific developments in the world to qualify its graduates with recent technologies in oil refining & petrochemical engineering.
Part of the graduation requirements is a four-year full-time study and a month of summer training.
The department's vision is obvious in the plan adopted by both of its sections, oil refining and petrochemical, where they provide students with theoretical knowledge, in addition to practical and applied skills which are required in their related fields of industry.
The department's mission focuses mainly on supplying the various fields of industry in Iraq with highly qualified engineers, specialized in the Chemical & Petroleum Industries.
The department objectives can be summarized as:
1. Providing engineers who are qualified with basic scientific expertise in the fields of chemical engineering and technological developments.
2. Equipping graduates with the skills of designing factories related to chemical, oil, petrochemical, and food industries.
3. Qualifying graduates with the skills of operating and managing laboratories and factories related to chemical fields.
4. Encouraging students to keep doing academic research in their specialization.
5. Communicating and interacting with the local community through the processes of organizing courses, workshops, and seminars where the community’s problems are raised and discussed for the purpose of finding feasible solutions.