About The Unit

The Information Technology Unit at Al-mustqbal University College the unit that responsible for the electronic services and programs in the college, manages the electronic work in the college and the courses and workshops in the computer science field Generally.


The vision of the Information Technology Unit can be summarized by enabling the scientific departments and the various units of the college to use the Current technology and educational and academic programs to benefit of students, Lecturers and employees.


The Mission of the unit is to turn to the digital and electronic systems in all their diversity, in support of institutional capacity in terms of speed, ease and efficiency of decision-making at all levels. In support of institutional capacity in terms of speed, ease and efficiency of decision-making at all levels.

Unit Goals

The Information Technology Unit was formed According the Administrative Order No. 453 dated 2/5/2016 in. The Information Technology Unit in Al-Mustaqbal University College is considered one of the active and important units if the Information Technology Unit seeks to implement and develop educational, academic and administrative programs using the latest methods of information technology and communication technologies, starting from The College is keen to automate the college’s systems and transform the college’s work into the electronic system in line with the administrative systems followed in most of the international universities and institutions, and for the purpose of providing services to all departments and units of the college, including students, faculty members and administrative staff.

  • . Create a digital library that meets the Customers's needs.
  • . Designing electronic and Non electronic publications for the college and its various activities
  • . Determining the specifications and technical conditions that are required to be available in the information systems
  • . Management and continuous updating of the college website, and the Devices in the college college.
  • .Contribute to the provision of modern technology in a way that contributes to increase the quality and efficiency of business achievement in the college.
  • . Supervising on the devices and equipment of electronic systems in terms of their installation and configuration.

Conatct Info

You can contact the management of the information technology unit or the software team developing the website through the following addresses the Follwing Contacts.


+964 773 043 9040

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