First International Fair for Girls in the Field of Information & Communication Technology
No of Present: 250
Date: 2022-04-24
Targeted Group: Students of IT & Communication Engineering Department, Graduates, Students of Babylon Vocational High School, Private & Public Sectors’ Companies, Scientific Institutions Objective of the International Day for Girls in the Field of Information & Communication Technology It aims to increase representation of girls and women in the field technology, and creating gender equity when approaching the fields of Sciences & Technology. It is considerable to note that Al-Mustaqbal University College has organized a conference with the participation of Babylon Vocational High School for Girls, Al-Nusoor Primary School, Al-Mas Company, Aswar Company, the Representative of the Industrialists, and many pioneering companies. The conference has included a seminar on “Information Technology at the Present Era” with the participation of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Skiki, representative of the Vocational Guidance & Development Association, and Prof. Dr. Sattar Badr Sadkhan, representative of IEEE Organization. There have been also workshops dealing with the increase of businesses and Information Technology, in addition to girls’ projects at the Computer Engineering Department. It is quite obvious that all these activities do lead to achievement of Sustainable Development Goals