Participating in the Graduates Recruitment Fair of Information Technology & Communications College
No of Present: 100
Date: 2022-07-05
Al-Mustaqbal University College, represented by Career development center has participated in the Third Annual Electronic Job Fair which was organized by University of Information Technology & Communications on Sunday 5th July 2021. A considerable number of graduates, exceeding 100 has attended the Fair. For our part, as an outstanding university in the country, we have invited the graduates of the IT College to work for us in a number of jobs, including System Analysts, Programmers, Projects Managers, Software Designers, etc. Some of these graduates have already been hired by Al-Mustaqbal University College. It is remarkable to note that the participation has been implemented via electronic platforms, and this indeed is an activation to E-Learning and extent of its benefit, specifically under the emergent circumstances imposed by COVID 19 Crisis.