Unit Vision:

Seek to promote a culture of continuous improvement in all departments of the college, which qualifies the college to obtain institutional and academic accreditation from local, regional and international accreditation bodies.

Unit Message:

Building a comprehensive quality management system according to international standards through the use of the latest models and practices to ensure quality and evaluate performance and follow-up implementation to achieve college goals (education, learning, scientific research and community service) and support its endeavors to obtain local and regional accreditation.


  • Spreading a culture of total quality and continuous improvement in all departments of the college and its academic and administrative units.
  • make A studies, holding conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops in the field of total quality management and academic accreditation.
  • Supporting the scientific departments to improve the college classification locally and regionally.
  • Obtaining institutional and academic accreditation locally and regionally for educational programs at the college.