Objectives of the College Council
The College Council is the highest scientific and administrative body in the College. It is headed by the dean of the college. Its members include the assistants, the heads of the departments and representatives of the foundation body, the faculty and the students, meets monthly and makes decisions and recommendations and sends them to the ministry for approval and approval.

1 - Approval of admission requirements.
2 - Determining the number of students proposed admission at the beginning of each academic year.
3 - Approving the curriculum and submitting it to the ministry.
4 - Approval of the plan to provide education requirements.
5 - Determination of tuition fees.
6 - Management of the college funds and investment and disposal according to the objectives of the College.
7 - Appointing an assistant to the dean, and heads of sections or branches and their removal.
8 - Recommend extension of the Dean's term.
9 - Granting graduates a certificate.
10 - Approval of scientific promotions for faculty members.
11 - Recommending the opening, consolidation or cancellation of sections.
12 - Ratify the budget and the final account and conduct transfers between chapters.
13 - Approval of the sections.
14 - Contracting with members of the faculty of Arabs and foreigners in accordance with the regulations adopted by the official universities.
15 - Appointing faculty members and other employees and determining their wages and remuneration and accept resignations and termination of their services.
16 - Suspension of the study in whole or in part when necessary for a period of over a week, provided that the ministry learns this immediately with a statement of reasons and justifications.
17 - Dedicate money transferred to universities and colleges and scientific and educational institutions.
18 - Acceptance of grants, donations, subsidies, wills and waqf from inside and outside Iraq, and in the case of the latter obtains the approval of the Council of Ministers.
19 - The College Council may delegate some of its powers to the Dean of the College.