Quality assurance and academic accreditation
Section Goal
Achieve the construction of an administrative system that ensures the quality of the activities and activities of the educational organization according to strategic plans and standards of accurate and comprehensive measurement and evaluation of performance .

Department tasks
  • Emphasizing the quality of university education in accordance with the international standard of ISO 9001, in order to meet the requirements of the educational product and beneficiaries and the requirements of the system and the requirements of the educational organization and the requirements of the donor to the International Conformity Certificate, which ensure the achievement of all elements of the educational service and the elements of educational science and educational product in the educational organization and its incorporation in the goals set by the policy Quality and commitment management .
  • To develop the qualitative performance of all employees in the educational organization through the development of the spirit of teamwork and its development at the same time by raising the skills and practical abilities by working collectively and taking advantage of all energies in the educational organization and especially faculty members through indicators derived from mechanisms and methods of quality assurance .
  • To establish faith in the concepts and principles of the TQM system for all employees and to believe in them in practice and based on efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction of the beneficiaries .
  • Achieving a qualitative shift in administrative activity using the method of procedural control in the application of document control and records control in accordance with procedural procedures based on ISO and in relation to all educational activities in the educational organization .
  • Upgrading the characteristics of the educational product represented by the student with the scientific treasures as well as the scientific research and the educational project in order to achieve continuous improvement in accordance with the strategic, tactical and operational quality plans and the achievement of the international standard in discrimination and traceability .
  • Evaluating the performance of all staff members of the teaching staff of the organization, employees, employees and all other functional categories, identifying the negative indicators and developing effective solutions in dealing with them, in particular regarding the development of skills and putting the right person in the right place, as well as the establishment of training programs and participation in local and regional conferences and seminars .
  • Developing curricula design programs, design of educational service and educational processes according to the requirements specified in the university education for the total quality management system, in order to achieve the process of keeping pace with the educational development in the country .
  • To bridge the culture of the total quality management system in the university education with the beneficiaries and society and to achieve its requirements .
  • Building the structure of the activity to achieve the achievement of the administrative matrix with all other activities in the educational organization and the issuance and development of all manuals represented by Total Quality Management .
  • To achieve and follow up the implementation of the requirements of obtaining the international certificate of conformity from one of the international bodies authorized to grant the certificate of conformity in the university education with the documentation of all files and reports, data and indicators and control and continuing to secure all procedures for the duration of renewal of the certificate .

Total quality in university education

  • Is to unite the efforts of all workers in the field of education towards continuous improvement of the level of educational product (student) commensurate with the requirements of the community and the necessities of these efforts to implement a set of standards and educational specifications and educational necessary to raise the level of educational product during the concerted efforts of all workers in the field of education .
  • Continuous improvement in university education includes :
  • Continuous improvement of university administration .
  • Continuous improvement of teaching staff .
  • Continuous improvement of university students .
  • Continuous improvement of curricula and decisions .
  • Continuous improvement of methods, methods and activities .