Documents and Certificates Unit
Tasks of the Documents Unit
  • Check the files of graduate students with orders for previous years .
  • Save (Master Shit) four-year grades for graduates of all departments .
  • Issuing graduate orders and integrating the first, second and supplementary roles .
  • Preparing the numerical statistics of the graduates on demand, whether the request of the ministry or the request of the college after the approval of the Dean or Mr. Assistant Dean only, and may not be given to other parties without approvals .
  • To provide graduate students with support to their departments or to any other party after the student has submitted a request to the Dean, the Dean's assistant and the procedures of the departments .
  • Provide graduate students with graduation documents addressed to the applicant and the same mechanism that provided graduation support .
  • Authentication of documents and endorsements by stamping the documents and signing by the unit manager .
  • Answer the validity of the issuance of support and the document received from the State Departments and provided by the student by the Documentation Unit .
  • Sending the mail after the supervision of the Director of the unit and the reference to the Assistant Dean .