Registration and Admission Unit
College registration mechanism
  • Purchase the application form from the registration unit at the college headquarters .
  • Fill in the application form and according to the admission requirements for each department .
  • Submit the form to the Registration Unit at the College's headquarters after all the required documents have been attached .

Disclaimer: - Purchase of the form does not mean acceptance of the student and the college is not obliged to accept the student if delayed submission of the application file with the form to the registration unit after the completion of the number of the section according to the acceptance plan

Required documents for admission
  • Grade document for the preparatory study after its ratification by the competent authority with (photocopy) .
  • Approve the application form from the school where you graduate and the Directorate General of Education .
  • Original Civil Status ID (photocopy) .
  • Original Iraqi Nationality Certificate (photocopy) .
  • Supporting student safety from communicable and infectious diseases .
  • (6) Modern color photographs measuring 4 * 6 .

Conditions and rules of admission in the departments of the college

  • The student who accepts in the academic departments of the college must be :
  • Holder of the certificate of preparatory school supported by the approval of the Directorate General of Education in the province or a certificate equivalent .
  • (24) years of morning study (born in 1990) and allows students over 24 years of age to apply for evening study .
  • Graduates of the current academic year 2014/2015 were accepted in the morning study and accepted in the evening study (and in the case of a shortage of absorptive capacity to be completed by graduates of the academic year 2013/2014) .
  • The minimum admission rates for the morning and afternoon studies are according to the admission admission schedule received from the Ministry .
  • To be successful in medical examination .
  • Must be full-time study and can not combine the job and study in the morning study .

Controls the transition of the first student from the private college / morning study to government colleges / morning study

  • The first successful student in the first round, with a grade of at least (very good), is transferred to the corresponding sections of the public universities .
  • The student is required to not be a trainee or deferred and not to have a secondary school certificate for previous years or graduates of institutes and the transfer of students referred to through the ministry exclusively before 31/8 .

Hosting students from other colleges

  • Students are hosted according to the qualifications of the heads of universities and colleges and for limited cases and in the narrowest limits according to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (5442) on 24/11/2014 and the student can not be hosted for more than two academic years. Hosting the student outside the original college, demanding more than two studies and all years of hosting .